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Wednesday, April 24th 2013

5:03 PM

Encouragement Buddy Services

Welcome to Encouragement Services Forum. Our forum is designed for those who have no family support, limited support, those who are homeless, and going through emotional trauma to be able to discuss how you are getting through your trauma in a positive manner. Struggles of how it has been hard for you to cope with trauma may be discussed as well.

  Please do not post put downs, negatives, or language that is not healthy for our emotional health up. Being that we are an encouragement site and are striving to live in an encouraging way, we ask that you would please respect the site and the forum. Studies have shown that when a person has someone to encourage them and support them emotionally, the person tend to cope with their emotions and ment health better.

   We are not counselors, only encouraging buddies as a support system. Should you want to know more about Encouragement Services, read the About Encouragement Forum please.

Our toll is 1-866-524-4828  We are global!

We are Encouragement "Blossoms" In The Trauma, Inc. A resting place of peace. A place where we are helping mend the hearts of the broken hearted. We are revolving around the world, sharing our life with another life sot hat lives maybe changed.

Thank you for being an encouragement blessing to another human being.

Encouraging Services Administration Team
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