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Wednesday, April 24th 2013

5:15 PM

What do you know about Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is very important to our emotional and mental health growth. Sometimes people may have physically, emotionally, and mentally and verbally scared us. We are left with picking up the pieces of unforgiven that lies within our hearts. The person who has armed us cannot feel the bitterness or forgiveness no matter which we choose to have for them. If we want a more productive healthier life, we must understand that forgiveness is for us to give forgiveness for our own selves. We may remember what the person done to us but they no longer have a hold over our lives, because bitterness and resentment no longer control our lives anymore. If you think about it, the person who abused us carried bitterness, and resentment. Now that I have chosen to forgive, I remember in a much healthier way things that happened to me, but I also forgive the person. However, I choose not to be apart of the people whom were toxic in my life because I chose not to build a relationship with them. Encouragement Services Team would like to know your take on forgiveness, and how you are overcoming.
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