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Tuesday, October 29th 2013

9:14 PM

About Encouragement Services & How we Operate


Encouragement Services operates a non-profit organization where we encourage people, sometimes we visit certain forums where people encourage others, some groups where people are struggling with anxiety or high levels of stress issues, we also have people who call in on other people’s behave and leave a name and address of the person who they believe needs to be encouraged. We also advertise in the yellow pages phone book, and other organizations sometimes use our information to place on their tables, in case people might need to be encouraged. We would enjoy becoming an encouraging buddy with you. Now hear is a little bit more information about  our services. Please call or email us if you would like. You can even sign up for free encouraging.  Everything is kept confidential regarding Encouragement Services Inc. We never share your information with anyone that you share with us. As we enjoy the opportunity in serving you and receiving joy from your success story of becoming whole again. We have intake forms to keep records because we are a non-profit organization, and we need to keep records. If you find that after reading about Encouragement Services that you would like to receive free encouragement please respond by using the self-addressed stamped envelope, or by calling us, emailing us and one can also register for service on our website at  http://encouragementinthetrauma.org

Encouragement Service looks forward to serving you, helping you through your crisis situation, and being an emotional support system to you. Once you become a client of  ours you will have a website to access for clients only, after a month-two month period with Encouragement Services. If you strictly work through letters or mail only, we can accommodate a service plan like this as well. We also have another website that can be viewed at http://encouragement.jigsy.com

Encouragement Services is a free service, family, small, private, Christian, non-profit organization whom encourage people through emails, letters, phone calls, and talking.  Encouragement “Blossoms” Services Incorporated opened its doors in March of 2006. Encouragement Services is a small, family, Christian, non-profit, private organization that help mend the hearts of the broken hearted of  a person who needs help coping with crisis management. Our services that are all free of charge are geared towards helping those who are homeless, those who are experiencing traumatic crisis situations in their life from high levels of stress, grieving over a loved one, those who need an encouragement support system in place, and those who need a boost of encouragement. We exist because people tend to manage trauma better when they have someone to help guide, direct, encourage, and listen to the individual when in a crisis situation. All of our services are free, forgiveness classes are online, chats are online, encouraging emails are done online, for those who need to meditate and  do not have meditation tapes, we allow the client to listen to meditation recordings over the phone. Also, encouraging calls and letters are the only thing that is done off line. Encouragement can last from three months through twenty four months  depending on the level of encouragement the person signs up for and decides that they need. There is an intake process form that needs to be completed and returned before anyone can start receiving encouragement services.

Although we are a Christian service  a person does not need to be a Christian  in order to receive our service, you can also sign up for free encouragement if you would like to. I have enclosed more detailed information on Encouragement Services organization. It is best to call our toll if you are trying to call us, because our 419 number does not always work in some states and countries. If you visit our website it e, it would be best to visit our home website, as our client website has not been completed as of yet. Would you please consider reviewing my information regarding Encouragement Services? Please pass the information along and make extra copies if you would like, our toll number is International around every country. Encouragement Services is a little different in the fact that we work on encouraging forgiveness within power points and Microsoft documents, we also help one meditate over the phone if  it I s in fact needed to calm the mind down, send and prepare encouraging emails, phone calls, and letters to help mend the hearts of the broken hearted.. Thank you so much for reading my letter, and may you have a great day. I have enclosed  some information about Encouragement Services for your review; there is an intake form that consists of 10 pages, a calendar for all the services we offer during the month and the levels of encouragement forms that one would decide which type of encourage services they would need. Thank you for your time. 

The Encouragement Services Team

International:1866-524-4828 ext.2842

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