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Tuesday, October 29th 2013

10:03 PM

Encouraging Letter For You


Encouragement Service looks forward to serving you, helping you through your crisis situation, and being an emotional support system to you. Encouragement Services is a free service, family, small, private, Christian, non-profit organization whom encourage people through emails, letters, phone calls, and talking.  Encouragement “Blossoms” Services Incorporated opened its doors in March of 2006. Encouragement Services is a small, family, Christian, non-profit, private organization that help mend the hearts of the broken hearted of  a person who needs help coping with crisis management. Our services that are all free of charge are geared towards helping those who are homeless, those who are experiencing traumatic crisis situations in their life from high levels of stress, grieving over a loved one, those who need an encouragement  support  system in place, and those who need a boost of encouragement. We exist because people tend to manage trauma better when they have someone to help guide, direct, encourage, and listen to the individual when in  a crisis situation. Although we are a Christian service a person does not need to be a Christian in order to receive our service, we do not judge you, and you can also sign up for free encouragement if you would like to.  Everything is kept confidential regarding Encouragement Services Inc. We never share your information with anyone that you share with us.


Hello  and greetings,

We wanted to let you know that you are special, someone around the world is  thinking good thoughts about you, praying for you, and has your best interest at hand. We are praying for you in your time of recovery, may peace, calmness, and many blessings began to heal you inwardly.  Please remember, that you are somebody and that there is a somebody in you. Greatness is within you, may you forever have peace within your heart. Take one day at a time, as you are  recovering and know that someone around the world thinks that you are a very special person, and this is why we thought about you.  As you start your day, you may want to think about how you can choose to start your life over by choosing to forgive yourself, learn to accept yourself, and start creating more positive energy and peace around you by riding negative and toxic people in your life.

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