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Tuesday, October 29th 2013

10:24 PM

Free Encouragement Services International

Everywhere/International, we are sharing our life with another life so lives are changing from traumatic crisis situations. Our goal is to bring peace and calmness in a traumatic crisis. All of our services are free of charge and we offer different levels of encouragement services. Our International Phone Number is 1866-524-4828 ext.2836 for the services department (to have more information mailed/emailed/faxed to you),or ext.1128 for virtual prayer requests & prayer, ext.2 for messages, ext.2842 for wake up calls and an encouragement buddy for talk conversations, emotional support services, & for stress relief management, calls, & meditation services. Press extension 1 for hours of operation announcement only. We are revolving around the world to help mend hearts of brokenness, changing one life at a time with our words of encouragement to help heal a wounded heart.

Our hours vary with different seasons. From September 2 through January 31 of every year we are opened from 12:00a.m.-9:00a.m. Sunday through Monday 7 days a week. From February 1 through May 31st of every year we are opened from 8:00a.m.-11:30p.m. And from June 1st until September 1st of every year we are opened from 6:00a.m.-10:30p.m. Usually on Sundays is done by appointment only, unless there is an emergency or crisis situation. We’re on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5W87guyPi1s&feature=c4-overview&list=UU-cQr8K_vQcrPSLgBeL5mzQ

You may visit our websites, call in, or email us in regards to our services. Our main site: http://encouragementinthetrauma.org

Our extra site: http://encouragement.jigsy.com/clients

Our Client Site: http://ecourage.wix.com/ecourage-blossoms

You may also complete an intake form online when you view our jigsy website or visit our encouragement.boards.net forum.

Please Note: a SKYPE call that goes out is for those who have been clients of Encouragement Services for 90 days or more. One may call in however, we are only accepting messages to call back clients who have been with us for 90 days or more, for those who would like to leave a message for prayer, for those who would like more information regarding our services, and sign ups in regards to the services Encouragement Services offer. Our SKYPE is ecourage.services

Going through a crisis? Need a little encouragement boost? Do you need someone to talk to without judging you? Encouragement Services is the correct place to be. Here at Encouragement Services, we are in the business of helping boost a little encouragement in those who maybe going through a traumatic crisis in regards to over stress of childhood past trauma, stress for those who may not have very close family, anger management, those who need a self-esteem boost recovery, those who are grieving, those who need an emotional support system set in place, and those who need a little encouragement. We are encouragement buddies, our services are not intended to take the place of counselors, physicians, or any other type of doctor.

Encouragement Services believe that it is better to help one develop through trauma with peace and calmness, than to have a person in a traumatic crisis remain the same while going through a traumatic crisis. Everything is completely online, and can be done by phone or through encouraging letters in the mail if you do not have access to online services, and you decide which services you want to do, for how long, and how you would like to be serviced. All of our services are free of charge.

There is an intake process, you do not have to put your address or phone number down on the intake form if you are doing services through calls & online, unless you need us to do a wake up call and contact you back then we will need your phone number. We are International 1866-524-4828 ext.2836 or 1128 ext. for emergencies. The Services Team can help you set goals for your own personal mission in life and help you develop a personal mission statement of your own, listen through phone conversation. Our focus is to help one be at more peace and calmness while going through a traumatic crisis. We serve anyone free of charge, those in domestic violence situations, the broken hearted, the depressed, the oppressed, those who have lost loved ones, the stressed, those with little or no family support, and much more; whatever your crisis situation is... Email us services@encouragementinthetrauma.org

Website http://encouragementinthetrauma.org

Website http://encouragement.jigsy.com

International: 1866-524-4828 ext.2836 Services Department

International: 1866-524-4828 ext.1128 for Prayer Request or 2842 wake up Calls & encouragement buddy Services

International: 1866-524-4828 ext.2 for messages that is urgent

Book us on Click Book: http://EncouragementServices.ClickBook.net

We are offering free online domestic violence classes services, and anger management classes. We are offering: Self-Esteem Workshops, Love Letters, Encouraging and Loving Emails. Be apart of our encouraging forums: http://encouragement.boards.net

Hours of Operation: Monday-Saturday 6:00a.m.-11:30p.m. for our clients usually year round unless there is an emergency crisis, or one need to call us for an emergency after hours, (one may call and see if we are available to chat with them although we have different hours during different seasons)

We look forward to serving you. We are a place where we are your neighbor so that one can receive hope, peace, & love through faith. At Encouragement Services we are choosing true Christian love over religion, because we are a Blossoming resting place of peace where hope & love helps meet you home within the heart. We are helping mend the hearts of the broken hearted,& sharing our lives with another life so that we can help change, mend, & restore lives, one life at a time that has been broken. Our Mission: to help One become more emotionally and mentally stabled as you learning new techniques of how to handle your crisis situations.

If you have contacted us, please allow us 5-10 business days to get back in contact with you, unless you have left an urgent telephone message. (These calls will be returned within 24-72 hours). May you have a peaceful and calming day. Encouragement Services will be in touch with you soon.You can also be apart of our blogs


Become apart of our pod casts: http://spreaker.com/user/encouragement

You may be apart of our radio shows: just email us & let us know what you are interested in sharing on our radio show.


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