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Monday, November 4th 2013

1:57 AM

You are Free to be You

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Hello Everyone and welcome  to Encouragement Services and Javvi's Blog Posting. I am so honored and just thrilled that you have stopped by on this lovely day. Remember, that today is a day that you can choose to have total, and complete control by how you choose to think. Of course things may happen that you have no control over, and you have to choose how you are going to handle the situation. I know that from past experiences, I've not always handled things in the correct way when it has come to every experience myself, involving certain situations.

First we must realize and see that we can choose to change our mind set and how we think, which is another way to say that our mind need to be renewed. For example, instead of saying I am a mess up, I can say: I love me...
In other words what negative pattern of behavior or thought life can you change in regards to a negative behavior or pattern you have? And lastly, please share some of your thoughts with me and how you are continually overcoming the struggles that you are facing within your life.

For those of you who are interested there is a link to our encourage forums that you maybe interested in joining or viewing, it is our goal that we encourage your soul and enrich your mind. encouragement.boards.net

We also offer different levels of encouragement for those who need an encouragement boost, may have little or no family support, need an emotional support system set in place, may need a wake up call, those who are grieving, in a domestic violence relationship, and those who have high stress levels within their lives. With the holidays coming up, it gets harder for people who have little or no family. Therefore, if you just need an encouragement buddy to just speak with you may call us at 1866-524-4828 ext.2842. You can always email us as well. services@encouragementinthetrauma.org
You can choose to book us online at Book Us

At Encouragement Services we always use the non-judgmental approach when speaking with you and dealing with all of our clients and good encouraging services. should you want to join our different levels of encouragement or need more information on it, you may visit the encouragement website encourage or call and ask us to email, fax, or mail you some information in regards to our services. Please, if you like, you are always welcomed to subscribe to our blogs. Thank you for stopping by and visiting Javvi's Blog.

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